Ep. 7 "Horse-Bear"

Keith, Melanie, Frani, and Rustyjono

In this episode, your heroes were invited to hang out with Melanie and Keith! Freshly wed just a month prior as well!!!

After taking a tour of their beautiful new home, we sat down to enjoy a very long, but fun conversation. After the tour, Frani and I were given new hope and inspiration for our journey to find our first home together. After all, that's the whole point of the podcast! We really want to give a super big shout out to these two love birds for inviting us into their clean, wonderful home. we tracked in mud, dirt, and dog hair into their clean home. Plus, I think I may have sneezed and left a booger on the sofa.... (just kidding) (or am I?) (yeah I am...)   

Ep. 6 "Am I Your DUFF?"

Kerie, Jordan, Frani, and Rusty!

Tonight we had the pleasure of having Jordan back, yet again. Original cohost Frani graced us with her presence, and our special guest tonight was Kerie!! We had a lot of fun. Please forgive the messiness of the basement. As you all know from listening to the podcast, we've been trying to move out. We were in the middle of packing and organizing when everything fell the fuck through, so we got kind of lazy and just let everything pile up.

We're hoping to move soon, so rather than put things back together, we're going to being fucking pigs and live in our own filth until the time is right. Maybe that will even encourage us to work harder to find a place!

Ep. 4.G "Gran Daddy"

Some fun pictures from the night we recorded with our guest Galen. Frani (cohost) and Galen (guest) were having fun bullshitting around. And in one picture, you can see Rusty (host) taking pictures in the mirror. Enjoy my artsy shot from behind my pop filter!

Just some silliness and stuff. Fuck it's humid out lately...