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Rusty (known as "Jono" by many),    Frani,     and Jak

It all started when...

Many years ago, at a place called Howard Community College, a young boy walked into an English class. He saw a really cute Emo girl and sat down next to her. Thinking that he could prey on her emotionally softened state, the young boy began to plot his infiltration into this girl- .. um.. into this girl's heart.

Day after day, he asked her to get a burrito from a local burritorium, and day after day, he was turned down. Finally, on the second week, he was granted passage.

After watching "Forrest Gump" for ten hours, the young boy proclaimed his diggetry for the young girl, the rest, as they say, is history.

They also have an adorable Corgi named Jak, and a bunch of other adorable pets.