And it was on this day that The Moving OutCast updated their website!  

But seriously, we live in Frederick County now. It's fricking amazing looking, and there's all sorts of beautiful places to visit all within just miles from us. We're ten minutes from the city, ten minutes from the country, and ten minutes from the mountains. 

Frederick County Flag. jebediah Frederick shouting to his neighbor   "Sir! i believe you did drop your titty-bar flyer!   I say sir!"

Frederick County Flag. jebediah Frederick shouting to his neighbor 

"Sir! i believe you did drop your titty-bar flyer!   I say sir!"

10/20/16              Good News Everybody!

As of October 9th, the hosts of "The Moving OutCast" took their first step towards moving out for good! 

We found a quaint apartment in Frederick County Maryland, and moved in. Frani has a long commute to work, and so does Rusty/Jono, but we're loving life. So far Frank's made some good dinners, and JR hasn't burnt the place down yet. 

I drew a hot bath for the lady, and she's enjoying Supernatural season 11 in the other room while I'm working on the site and some homework. We also have some new recording equipment that will hopefully make recording easier and easier. 

TMOC has a lineup of new guests, & we're very excited to get everyone recorded! Good things to come.


New Things to come!

So far we've been having a lot of fun with our podcast. The very few listeners that we have are giving positive feedback. The folks here at The Moving OutCast are planning on creating a totally new, sister podcast! We are working on the format, execusion, and guests, but our plan is to create a podcast for our Military Veterans. I want to interveiw Veterans of the US armed forces and give them a chance to tell their stories. 

One day I was stuck behind an old guy on the highway going super slowly, and I got annoyed. But then I noticed his car had a bunch of US Marines stickers and emblems and wahtnot, and I thought to myself, "That guy was probably one bad motherfucker back in his prime. He probably cut Nazi throats and kicked ass every day, and now I'm pissed at him for driving slowly to get to the grocery store."   

After that, I got really angry at myself and started wondering what stories he could tell, rather than wishing he'd speed up. So now I'm going to try to find older, and sadly forgotten Vets, and try to give them a platform to tell some amazing stories on. Please work with us while we try to figure this out and get it started. Also, if you have a grandparent or a family friend or someone that would be interested in being a guest, please contact us at TMOC69LOL@gmail.com so we can try to get them on. 

Our main reason for existence: to talk. Follow link below.

PLEASEif you are under 18 years old, or are easily offended, then leave this website.

We talk, joke, and curse. We stretch reality and make stories very colorful. Our jokes are Crazy Dark. If you find yourself being offended by other people's thoughts, jokes, opinions, or anything else, then leave. We don't have time for you. You've been warned; so our hands are clean if you get upset. It's up to you to realize you're not offended, you just disagree.

~~~the TMOC team~~~


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